Our Services

  • Vendor Master File maintenance – Creation of Vendor accounts, update and maintenance
  • Vendor Invoice Processing
  • Payment Processing
  • Customized Vendor Age Analysis – will identify the key individual creditors and their credit periods
  • Account Reconciliations – Vendor balances as per Client’s Creditors ledger is reconciled with the supplier statements and the Control account in the General Ledger.
  • Expense and Supplier Analysis – This would enable the client to identify the major expenses for control purposes.
  • Supplier Information assistance – We could manage a ‘Supplier hot-line’ regarding their settlements thereby taking that headache out of your staff.

We will provide the below services;

  • Customer Master File maintenance – Creation of new customers, update and maintenance
  • Customer Invoice Processing – Preparation of customized invoices based on the information provided
  • Receipt posting – Posting of receipts when payments are received from the Customers
  • Dispatch of e-invoices – This feature enables the e-invoices to be e-mailed to the client’s customers.
  • Debtors Aga Analysis and Overdue debtors report – This will enable the client to identify its key Credit customers, the actual credit they obtained and thereby controlling the overdues and speed-up recovery
  • Customized Sales Analysis based on products, departments and geographical locations.
  • Account Reconciliations – Customer balances as per Client’s Debtors ledger is reconciled with the customer statements and the control account in the General Ledger.

Our services include the below;

  • General Ledger Account Master maintenance – Creation of customized General Ledger accounts and Summary Account Listing
  • General Ledger related postings including Journal Entries with traceability
  • GL Account Reconciliations
  • Inter company Reconciliations
  • Controlled reversal entries
  • Petty Cash postings
  • Income and Expense Analysis and Variance analysis
  • Foreign Currency translations
  • Balance Sheet schedules and reconciliations including Provisions and Accruals

These services include;

  • Fixed Asset Master file maintenance – Creation, update and maintenance of Fixed Asset master file
  • Capitalization – Based on purchase invoices capitalization entries will be made as per client company policy taking in to all costs incurred in bringing the asset to its present condition and location.
  • Depreciation – Monthly depreciation calculations based on client’s company policy.
  • Disposals – All accounting entries relating disposals including scrapping/sell off and costs associated with disposals.
  • Fixed Asset Reporting – This includes Additions/disposals, customized classifications as per client’s needs.
  • Physical Verification and numbering/identification of Fixed Assets

We will do a comprehensive analysis of your financials in order to provide the following value added services.

  • Ratio Analysis – Interpretation of financials using ratios, benchmarking with the industry standards, budgets and year on year figures and any other criteria required by the client.
  • Summarized Financials required by the Senior management for decision making
  • Variance Analysis –Profit/Cost Centre-wise or functional analysis compared against budgets, previous months and previous years including exception reporting.
  • Key Performance Indicator [KPI] analysis – An in-depth analysis of pre-determined KPI’s agreed with the client in order to provide value added information on actual business performance
  •  Capacity utilization and comparison of actual head counts against budgets.

We are capable of providing efficient, accurate data entry and data processing solutions on a timely manner. Our services include;

  • Manual Data entries
  • Data verification and validation processes
  • Online Research work
  • Invoice and voucher processing
  • Data processing on various forms